Massage Therapy

Amar Massage SPA


Tension and stress often go unnoticed for long periods of time. As a result, many people walk around with tense shoulders and aching backs without any knowledge of why they are in pain. If you are someone that carries a load of tension in your neck, then perhaps you should try one of our many massages at Amar Massage Spa.

Of all the places offering massages in Honolulu, HI, we provide the most diverse selection of services, designed with each of our unique clients in mind. From deep tissue to reflexology, we know you will find the relaxation you need in our spa.

Our Swedish massages offer the traditional comfort and tension relief that most clients expect to find at a massage spa. It is widely accepted as the Western form of massage therapy.

A deep tissue massage offers a bit more focus on your areas of tension. This requires more pressure and concentration than other massages, so we like to make sure our clients are prepared.

Trigger point and reflexology massages are provided for customers looking to target problem areas. Our professionals are extremely knowledgeable and will work hard to help you eliminate pain and tension.

We provide prenatal as well as couple massages, and can even offer hot stone massages for a unique massage. We offer a variety of options and lengths, so that you remain in control of your experience. Our dedicated professionals provide a wide selection of services that are guaranteed to eliminate your stress. Book an appointment today!